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automated audience targetting

Create hyper-targeted custom audiences

Send your ad ROI through the roof. Create and test ads relevant to each Share campaign you create. Piggy back the authority of the brands your customers already trust.

Dynamic social media campaigns

Maximise Your Existing or New Social Media Activities

Capture leads and details about each visitor who engages with your Sharelinks on site any social platform, including Facebook, Google and Twitter. Then retarget and track to sale  It's easy!

detailed tracking and analysis

Real time success tracking. Stop weak campaigns sooner. Profit Quicker

Use the authority of trusted brands and industry leaders in your niche while building your profitable brand. Track, monitor and tweak the results. Rinse, repeat and proser. It is that simple.


Share is just one of the powerful tools available to you in the Lead Capture Tool Suite

ShareLinks Works in Every Browser and Device

Help anyone on any device using any browser. Give them the content they need, when they need it ... but always bringing them back to you. It's like an 'always on' super-magnet, attracting your ideal customers 24/7 - 365

Works with any browser


How and Why Do ShareLinks Work?

It's so simple ... we all know that content is key to the success of any business, right?
The only problem was that "Churning out engaging, original content was hard, time-consuming, and draining..."

Now it's quick and easy. Simply find the best or most suitable content from the best sources or websites.  Click your mouse three times and share that contact with anyone, anywhere.

Every time you share valuable content using your ShareLink you engage your audience.

Every time you share other peoples content you drive traffic to your webpages or sites.

Every time you share a link,  an irrisitable 'lead-magnet' attracts other visitors back to your site like honey bees to a honeypot.

Works with any browser


Share is just one of the tools in the Lead Capture Tool Suite

Lead Capture Tools works on any website ...

Just add one line of code to your site. Create as many campaigns on your website as you like.

No Tech Skills or experience needed. Intuitive drag-drop builder

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